Breathing Clean Air – The Key to Prevent Obesity

Breathe Healthy Stay Healthy

The first thought that comes to our mind when we talk about air pollution includes something related to ‘respiratory disorders’ or ‘breathing issues’. But did you know that breathing impure air can also increase the risk of obesity?

According to a recent study published in the journal ‘Environment International’ by the University of Colorado Boulder, it has been reported that dirty air (particularly which has more significant concentrations of ozone) has a terrible influence directly on our gut microbiome.

Gut Microbiome is defined as the community of microorganisms that reside in every corner of our gastrointestinal tract and is responsible for influencing our metabolism, immunity, appetite and body weight. As per the study mentioned above, air containing high amounts of ozone pollutant affects Gut Microbiome in the human body and alters its structure & functioning that increases the risks of obesity along with other chronic health concerns like diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders.

Highlights of the study

  • The study focused on the harmful effects of polluted air on the gut bacteria
  • The study was conducted on young adults (n=101) who got exposed to higher concentrations of ozone gas, particulate matter and nitrous oxide
  • It was observed that ozone has the most considerable influence on the gut out of all other pollutants and general factors    
  • These ozone exposed adults were found to have a reduced range of Gut Microbiome and a higher concentration of species that lead to obesity & other illnesses
  • The study also observed the presence of large quantities of Bacteroides caecimuris (bacteria whose higher levels lead to obesity) in those subjects who had greater exposure to ozone gas
  • A total of 128 bacterial species were found to be affected by the increased ozone levels; some of them responsible for sugar level maintenance and others accountable for altering body weight

The study has a few limitations like the tests were performed on a smaller no. of subjects, and also the stool samples were taken only once. Still, it has resolved many uncertainties related to obesity & other chronic diseases in adults.   

How can the risk be reduced?

environment-friendly energy sources

Each one of us can and must contribute to reducing air pollution, which has been discovered as one of the possible causes of obesity. Substituting fossil fuels with environment-friendly energy sources like solar, wind etc. is one effective way of reducing the pollution and thus breathing healthy air. Similarly, a complete shift to electric vehicles would play a significant role in reducing the levels of ozone gas in the air. Most recently, the concept of green buildings has proved to be an unprecedented initiative towards protecting the natural resources of the environment and improving the quality of the air that we breathe in.

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