FSSAI to amend the Safety and Standards Rules of 2011

Food-safety-FSSAIFollowing mounting pressure from the consumers after the Maggi controversy, the food regulator FSSAI has fast-tracked its plan to revise the Food Safety and Standard Rules 2011.

After the Maggie episode, FSSAI decided to take a glance at all other categories of food products including milk, chocolate, caffeine, energy drinks and confectioneries.

On Tuesday, FSSAI has floated a draft paper to amend the Food Safety and Standards Rules 2011. The amendments have been proposed regarding declaration of trans fat in labels, standards of melamine in milk and milk products, limit of biotoxin in fish and fish products and regulations for dried salted fishery products.

FSSAI has invited comments for amending the Packaging and Labeling Regulations which includes regulations for declaring trans fat content on labels. Companies are now required to define type of edible oil and vegetable fat used in the products as well as declared the source of oil and vegetable fat on the labels.

FSSAI has sought public opinion on the draft paper so as to refine rules and set new quality standards for food products.

Last week, Bloomberg TV India reported that FSSAI was planning to rework the packaging and labeling rules as it aimed to mandate display of all three important labels–manufacturing, best before use and expiry date–on the food products.

FSSAI has also set a fixed limit for the ingredients particularly lead, heavy metals, vegetable fat content, salt and sugar content in food which will now be examined before given an approval.

Source: Bloomberg TV