Make this world a better place to live

world_bFood, water, air are most important part of human’s life. Without these three ingredients, it is difficult for anyone to survive very long. The trouble is these are no more available with good quality. Food, water and air, everything is contaminated, polluted and bad, which is leading to various health problems. People are finding out ways and means to get fresh air, water and food, but it is getting really difficult day by day. All across the world, environmental troubles have increased many folds, which has led to extinct of many species of everything.

With so much increasing problems, scientists are trying their best to curb these contamination and pollution, so that everyone can have access to fresh air, food and water. People are made aware by various means on how to stop pollution and depletion of better resources, various treatment are being developed which can be used to treat these things. Food, water and environment testing are done at various levels so that right treatment can be done and made available to people in large quantity. Various types of test are being developed in order to help people get fresh everything.

The role of food,water and environmental testing has never been as important as it is in today’s world. Safety and quality have become very important for today’s customer and major concern for government as it is their responsibility to provide safe basic necessities to people. These testing laboratories face a variety of challenges which include growing number of food contaminants, more stringent regulations, protection of trade markets, preservation of brand image, and increased competition. Not only food, but challenges are faced in water and environmental testing laboratories too. Testing water and environmental samples for microbial pathogens is a matter of public health and safety. Molecular analytical methods are increasingly important in this crucial field.

Various services offered by our food water and environmental testing laboratory are as follows:

–       detection of food and water-borne pathogens
–       enumeration of food and water-borne indicator organisms
–       environmental testing – detection for pathogens and enumeration of indicator organisms
–      dairy product testing including determination of phosphates
–  legionella testing, sampling guidance and result interpretation guidance
–       water sample testing
–       support for investigation of outbreaks

Thus if you want to have fresh food water and air, CEG Test House And Research Centre can help Food Processing Industries, society, government and various NGOS in saving this world and make it a better place to live in.