Peanut Butter used to Create Diamonds

A researcher in his experiments found deep beneath the Earth’s surface, one of the most popular and valuable substances, namely, diamond.

Dan Frost, Scientist at Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth, Germany, conducted an experiment to study the Earth’s lower mantle at 1800 miles below the surface.  As it is well known that Earth’s surface is very hot wherein temperature reaches about 4000°F and under an incredible amount of pressure (237000 times atmospheric pressure) is a low estimate.  Also, we all know that diamonds are formed in the mantle itself.

These precious gems and stones are composed of carbon atoms that are heated and squeezed, later they are pushed toward the Earth’s surface where they are cooled. Researcher tried to mimic the conditions of the Earth’s surface and successfully created synthetic diamonds in his laboratory.

He experimented by placing peanut butter between two diamonds, this effect known as stiletto heel effect and compressed the nutty stuff. Diamond is incredibly hard, which can be attributed to their closely-linked carbon atoms which can withstand the necessary amount of pressure for the experiment that is approximately 1.3 million times that of our atmospheric pressure. This results in a diamond where peanut used to be. This experiment also led to the releasing of lots of hydrogen but only after is had been diamonds were converted from peanut butter.

Diamonds are being manufactured synthetically for industrial use in producing grinding or cutting tools. However, Frost hopes that his experiments will not lead to the development of cheaper diamonds, but will help in larger knowledge about inner workings of our planet.